To be fountainhead of new ideas and of innovations in technology and science.

We envisioned this institute to maintain & build the path of human possibility for Young’s to unleash their competencies with creative and pioneering analytical potentials in engineering field unfolds a vista fall of opportunities, leading to a golden future. We want to become a premier institution with highest quality and requisite professional with almost attitudinal standards to meet global level requirement of industries.

We foster a vision of educational transformation in keeping pace with the times. It emphasizes a symbolic relationship between the students, faculties, academic curricula and industries. The young institution offers a holistic approach to technical education, personality development and social skills.

The challenge today, is the relate ourselves to the socio-economic, cultural & educational world and to think globally. We understand this national responsibility and works to create a talent pool of manpower to tackle the emerging confronting the 21st century.


To develop highly qualified engineers and technologists who play leading roles in promoting the region’s industrial competitiveness for integration into the global economy and to shoulder the growing responsibility of the Nation as a true citizen.

HLYITM aims to develop in its student’s technical and professional excellence, social and cultural sensitivity, ethica lresponsibility and concern for the environment and from which the leaders and innovators of  tomorrow emerge. This objective is to enable the students to be successful in their career and also keep pace with the changing scenario of the corporate world and its environs.

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