Objectives of the Institution

The Institution aims at imparting quality Technical Education to meet the Industrial requirements of the State and the Nation, at large. The Institution is committed to the development of professional, entrepreneurial and inter-personal skills of the student.

While Innovation, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Environment focus on highly user-led Applied Research, Engineering has the responsibility to ensure that blue sky adventurous engineering research is encouraged across the entire spectrum, that basic science and technology are translated into applications and that emerging areas are captured and nurtured.

The objectives of the Engineering Programs are to

Support world-class research, nurture emerging areas, encourage creativity and adventure, and promote the exciting opportunities that arise from working across boundaries.

Support sufficient talented people through engineering research training and beyond to meet India’s needs.

Promote opportunities presented by addressing the challenges facing the Indian Economy and Society ensuring collaboration as appropriate.

Work in collaboration with International Programme to encourage Engineers to take an active part in public engagement activities that inspire the next generation and gain the involvement and support of the public.

Each domain of Engineering is a complete, organized program in itself, meeting the high academic expectations and rigors that are the hallmark of this qualification. The domain model provides the opportunity for a number of derivatives based on a single platform with the same architecture, whilst responding to the specific needs of various industries. Programmed interventions aimed at personal growth and development form an integral part of the program.

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