A source of unlimited knowledge and information for students ever enthusiastic about learning , That’s the library of HLYITM, with space to accommodate many students at the same time. A powerhouse in itself, it is the place most frequented by students.

The institute has a well-stocked, library with a vast collection of more than 5000 texts as well as reference books written by well known Indian and foreign authors on Engineering and other subjects, innumerable test books, reference books, CDs, Journals, renowned international publications and latest updates coexist to make it an invaluable heaven of knowledge for students. More than 700 titles of periodicals and 71 Journals are subscribed regularly in order to keep pace with information on the latest developments in the world. The library provides computerized information services too. In addition to this, reprographics facilities are provided. The library has a rich resource of e-journals for the use of research scholars. It is rightly said, there’s no substitute for knowledge and no limit to it too!

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