Mechanical Engineering 4 YEARS 60 10+2 Level Examination or its Equivalent
Civil Engineering 4 YEARS 60 10+2 Level Examination or its Equivalent
Electronics & Communications Engineering 4 YEARS 60 10+2 Level Examination or its Equivalent
Computer Science & Engineering 4 YEARS 60 10+2 Level Examination or its Equivalent
Information Technology 4 YEARS 60 10+2 Level Examination or its Equivalent

B.Tech : Computer Science & Engineering

The department of Computer Science & Engineering is equipped with up-tp-date state-of-art lab setups, accessories, modern class
rooms and independent laboratories, backed up by adequate faculty strength as per AICTE forms. The department offers a wide range of practical training and exposure to both software and hardware that have industry and trade applicability. The Department has the most advanced infrastructure and has a very close interface with the software industries to meet the demand of the current trend and practice.There are 100 Computers with the latest LAN/WAN configur action, networked with servers, Fiber Optic Network Backbone for connectivity providing users to the internet and internet facilities such as Digital Library, etc.. The department has  l already made wireless connectivity available in the institute  campus, thereby providing the students the latest Wi – Fi technology  to access internet anywhere in the campus & hostel by using their laptops.

B.Tech : Information Technology:

Information Technology deals with the development, utilization, interrelation and confluence of computers, networking, telecommunication,business and technology management in the context of global Internet. It is the study of techniques involved in information, creation transmission,distributions and receiving. It is a unique branch, which is a blend of Electronics, Communication & Computer Science.This Bachelors program prepares students for advanced information technology with the knowledge of communication skills, critical thinking and technical comptencies required in the modern workplace.The institute provides excellent framework to associate the student with “real time” projects. IT-AMIN, the department journal is published to update the students and provide an access to research oriented articles for teachers and students.

B.Tech : Department of Mechanical Engineering

The department of mechanical engineering strives to train students in the methods of engineering science & in the application of these methods to conceive, organize & carry out the design of engineering systems. The scope of mechanical engineering is expanding with advancement in the areas of CAD, CAM, CIM, F.M.S & Robotics etc.

Under the able & technical guidance of the staff of the department Mechanical Engineering offers the subjects. Knowledge of various Mechanical apparatus, equipments & machineries is being imparted to the students in our workshops and Mechanical Engineering Laboratories leading the enhancement of practical ideas.

B. Tech : Department of Mechanical Engineering : Laboratory
The following well-equippped laboratories are available.

1. Material Testing Lab. 2. Engg. Graphics Lab 3 . E n g g .
Mechanics Lab.

B.Tech : Electronics & Communication Engineering:

The field of Electronics occupies a unique position in the area of Technologies. The department, over the years, has been adapting its
curriculum, laboratories and research programs to move abreast in
Electronics. Telecommunication and related areas. In all its programs, it has managed to acquire the right mix of computers, telecommunication and VLSI which is contributing to the growth of Electronics.
The syllabus is designed to meet the requirement of the modern
industries. Problem solving is given a prominent place. Laboratory
equipment is regularly updated . It is our commitment to continuously strive for imparting high quality education and training to our students, so that they are moulded into competent professionals.

B.Tech : Civil Engineering

The department of Civil Engineering is approved with an intake of 60 students. The department is in the process of establishing the following
laboratories shortly:
Civil engg. Lab. Structural Engg. lab.
Hydraulics Lab. Geotech Lab.
Transport Lab. Environmental Engg. Lab.

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